Schedule and Retreats


Saturday Mornings

8:00 Gate opens

8:30 First meditation period begins

8:55 Walking meditation

9:05 Second sitting period begins

9:30 Soto Zen Service (bows and chanting) The service is optional. We will hand out copies of the chants. The service is simple and if you are new you can just follow along.


Sunday Evening Meditation 7-8PM

6:30 Gate opens

7:00 Meditation

7:25 Walking meditation

7:35 Meditation


Tuesday Evenings Dharma Dialog Book Class

5:30 Gate opens

5:45 Sit

6:15 Class-reading from a dharma book. This is an informal meeting. We drink tea and nibble goodies while we explore the text by reading and discussion. Many are new to Buddhist practice and the discussion is deepened by beginners mind! We usually end by 7:30. Since we study and talk about what we read each time, you can join us at any time.

We are now reading  “Not Always So” by Suzuki Roshi. If you have the book please bring it. If not we have extras to share.


All day sit

8:00 Gate opens –tea available

8:50 Call to zendo-roll down begins (bells) please on your cushion by 8:55

9:00  welcome, zazen (meditation)

9:25 Kinhin (walking mediation)

9:35 zazen

10:00 service (chanting) and short break

10:30   samu-soji (work period)

11:30 zazen

12:00 service

12:15 pot luck lunch followed by clean up

1:00 break and rest period

2:00 zazen

2:25 kinhin

2:35 zazen

3:00 dharma talk (recorded talk)

4:00 outdoor walking meditation

4:25 zazen

4:50 closing


Aravaipa Canyon Ranch



Sue Moon, Mary Koopman, Chris Fortin at the women’s retreat


5Th Annual Aravaipa Canyon Women’s Retreat

October 5-8, 2017

Sky Island Zen Sesshin

March 6-11, 2018

Held at Aravaipa Canyon Ranch and lead by Hoka Chris Fortin

For more information on the ranch see