Date for next all day sit coming soon.

Please join us for all or part of the day. This is a  good opportunity to deepen our practice together. And  for those who have not sat a retreat before, this is a good way to experience spending more time on the cushion.

You may enter the zendo when the bell rings at the end of a meditation period or after the clackers are hit to end walking meditation. It will be warm, so dress lightly in dull or muted colors if you can.

All are welcome. If you are new to practice, just let us know in advance. If you wish we can give you an orientation beforehand. Please contact us at to arrange it.

What to bring:

If you are staying for the day, please bring a pot luck item for lunch. Drinks will be provided. If you have a favorite cushion or bench, bring it along, otherwise we have plenty of cushions.



Zazenkai-All day sit


8:50 Call to zendo-roll down begins (bells) please on your cushion by 8:55

9:00  welcome, zazen (meditation)

9:25 Kinhin (walking meditation)

9:35 zazen

10:00 service (chanting) and short break

10:30   samu-soji (work period)

11:30 zazen

12:00 service

12:15 pot luck lunch followed by break and rest period

2:00 zazen

2:25 kinhin

2:35 zazen

3:00 dharma talk (recorded talk)

4:00 outdoor walking meditation

4:25 zazen

4:50 closing